• Grandparents, older generations, technophobia and Lockdown use of internet 🀯🀯

    Lockdown has meant learning new skills. Some have learnt new skills by choice, others through a requirement. Technology can be a scary prospect. My grandparents who are in their 80s have learnt to use the internet. Silver Surfers are a huge area of internet growth with increasing numbers of older generations getting online.
  • 😷😷😷 First week open now completed... Life open in Lockdown from our viewpoint 😬😬

    Having been closed since the onset of the Lockdown, preparation began for us to open again. Take a look at our review of the process and a behind the scenes view of our journey to reopening a local store under the current circumstances.Β 

    It may seem that it is just a matter of opening the doors again but from our point of view as a business the process has been much more involved and stressful than you maybe think. There has been a lot to consider and many new processes to implement before we could consider opening the doors again.Β 

  • Sivill Service Update!! We have now reopened our store!!!!! 😷😷😷

    Hey everyone We hope that you and your nearest and dearest are fine and well at the present time. These are going to be challenging times ahead wit...
  • Covid-19 and Sivill Service

    The Coronavirus is impacting day to day life of every person on the planet. Here at Sivill Service we are trying to find ways to operate within safe parameters and offer a small number of services. One of the things is offering keyworkers discount vouchers and deliveries and collections at times that work best for them. We extend our thanks and gratitude to these amazing people.
  • D.I.Y Laptop Repairs can cost more than you expect!

    DIY Repairs on computers can be costly yet more people than ever are attempting to carry out increasingly complex jobs themselves. Everyone has a friend that knows about computers and these people can result in a hefty bill when thingsΒ  do not go to plan. Please read the attached stories and see if you can relate. Seek advice from a reliable and professional repair service before attempting jobs unless you are prepared for the outcome!
  • New Year, New Online Store, New Products for Sivill Service!

    New Year, New Hopes, New Dreams, New Developments.Β 

    Here at Sivill Service we are starting the New Year with some new developments. Much like people set resolutions for themselves as means of new hopes, dreams and aspirations to aim for new goals in their lives, businesses set themselves goals too.