Grandparents, older generations, technophobia and Lockdown use of internet 🤯🤯

During Lockdown people have tried many things for the first time, new things and had to learn new skills and adapt in ways they never expected or have not needed before.

For some people this has meant learning for fun others skills in order to function from home, from learning a new language, learning to play a musical instrument or cooking new foods for the first time. Others have learnt how to turn on a computer for the first time!

Some people have found it has meant using new technologies for the first time. This has been scary and stressfull for them based on some of the calls we have gotten. Those used to using technology do not have the appreciation of how difficult this may be.

During these times though technology has allowed people who are stuck apart to be brought that little bit closer together. This is an amazing prospect for people like me to think that technology has this capacity on such a grand scale. To think apps like Skype, Facebook messenger and Zoom have allowed people to carry out large scale meetings, get togethers and family online togetherness. The internet has been used by people in ways not really seen before to this scale for bringing people together. That is an amazing thing. Just thinking about kids learning across the internet via virtual classrooms on a global scale, utility companies and businesses from little mom and pop stores to international traders relying on technology to allow people to work from home, communicate with colleagues and function to some level of normal all from home is a huge thing. 

For many people using computers and tablets and the such is a daily occurrence that they think nothing about until something goes wrong! For others modern technology can be a daunting prospect full of pitfalls and traps that they don't understand and strange terms, words and phrases that now mean something else entirely. The internet and computer related technologies can be a minefield to the technophobic and even those who don't think the computer bites. 

Before Lockdown began my grandfather was ill and since some of my family lives in Holland it made communication a tough one. My grandparents had no mobile phone, no computer, no internet or anything. Things were not looking good and my Aunt and Uncle ended up coming over from Holland. My grandparents are like a lot of older generations and despite what I do for a living, they don't understand any of it nor did they want to!! They upgraded to a DVD player and kept looking for where the VHS tapes went! 😬😬 

My grandparents are in their 80s and have never used computer technology. Ironic given my profession! My Aunt decided enough was enough and they had to have a mobile phone so they had something they could take with them into town, shopping and hospital so they could be contacted. She gave them an old phone of hers. Ordered a SIM card so it would work and showed them what to do. 

It is safe to say that with some trial and error the phone and internet have opened up a whole new world to them. In fact having got started they had to upgrade to more data as they hit the limit of their tarriff. Now if they can manage it anyone can! My nan now wants a tablet so she can have a bigger screen. 

They have now done very short video calls with my mum, learnt to send text messages, they have done online shopping and signed up for Facebook. The shock came Mother's Day when my Nan made her first Facebook post.... well done to them! 

I see a lot of "Silver Surfers" in my job. Never did I expect my grandparents to emerge into Internet fiends. My Nan has now taken to Googling everything. They had a consevatory replaced recently and the firm did a less than stellar job. My Nan was straight onto Google looking them up. Then was telling them their reviews online are shocking and not to expect a glowing review from them either! 😱

It all stands to prove that with a bit of help, patience and support that the internet and technology can help everyone. There is a lot for them still to learn but I am very proud of the efforts my grandparents have made. My grandfather even managed to stumble upon the downside of the internet after clicking an ad and got more than he bargained for!! This is all part of the learning curve and after the initial shock had worn off he laughed about it!!

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Kells 😀


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