• July 2022 Ukraine Laptop Appeal.... Status Update!

    Aid takes many forms and for us that means charity IT based devices. As a UK based technology and IT firm we have tried to step up giving away hundreds of laptops, computers, phones, tablets and other aid all across the UK and Ukraine. With local council and BBC Radio Lincolnshire support, working with charities, individuals and aid groups we have sent out over 450 devices in nearly 10 weeks but we need your support to keep the devices going.
  • Being Part of the BBC Make A Difference. Give A Laptop Campaign. Digital Divide. Team Sivill

    As many of you are likely to be aware, Lockdown has brought a whole host of challenges and demands that have never been encountered before. Here at Sivill Service in Tattershall, Lincolnshire, we teamed up with the BBC to help combat some of these issues. Here is a bit of a glimpse at our side of the story. 

    The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had one of the most dramatic impacts upon the population in the UK that are under 16 years old. As explained in the article by Cambridge University the so-called Digital Divide in the UK has become an increasing problem with the demand for home schooling. More and more classes have headed online and there are large numbers of children within the UK suffering with what is known as the Digital Deprivation. Parents and children that were ill equipped to deal with an online world before Covid-19 just do not have access to the resources needed to allow them to learn from home.