• The Digital Divide.. Addition to the ITV News Piece from the view of IT Industry

    The digital divide is increasing. These days technology is taking over our lives. We are becoming more and more reliant on these devices for everything. A discussion with several of our customers tells me that these days smartphones are taking over our lives with even the very young living their lives in front of a screen. I do not feel this is always for the better and I work with technology every day!

    The digital divide is a metaphorical and physically increasing partition existing in society. Whilst this is not a line drawn in pencil around certain groups of people and thus is metaphorical in actual fact the divide is a very real thing. It is a dividing line between people who have access to modern technology and those that do not. 

  • July 2022 Ukraine Laptop Appeal.... Status Update!

    Aid takes many forms and for us that means charity IT based devices. As a UK based technology and IT firm we have tried to step up giving away hundreds of laptops, computers, phones, tablets and other aid all across the UK and Ukraine. With local council and BBC Radio Lincolnshire support, working with charities, individuals and aid groups we have sent out over 450 devices in nearly 10 weeks but we need your support to keep the devices going.
  • Grandparents, older generations, technophobia and Lockdown use of internet 🤯🤯

    Lockdown has meant learning new skills. Some have learnt new skills by choice, others through a requirement. Technology can be a scary prospect. My grandparents who are in their 80s have learnt to use the internet. Silver Surfers are a huge area of internet growth with increasing numbers of older generations getting online.