• Reopening After Lockdown - Again!! Sivill Service Update

    Once again as Lockdown restrictions ease here in the UK we are once again open for business!!!! These are scary times for us all as we take the first tentative steps towards life in the new normal. Along with other non-essential businesses we reopened our doors this week. 
  • 😷😷😷 First week open now completed... Life open in Lockdown from our viewpoint 😬😬

    Having been closed since the onset of the Lockdown, preparation began for us to open again. Take a look at our review of the process and a behind the scenes view of our journey to reopening a local store under the current circumstances. 

    It may seem that it is just a matter of opening the doors again but from our point of view as a business the process has been much more involved and stressful than you maybe think. There has been a lot to consider and many new processes to implement before we could consider opening the doors again.