July 2022 Ukraine Laptop Appeal.... Status Update!

Earlier this year war broke out in the Ukraine with Russia launching a massive attack that hit headlines worldwide. It forced people to flee their homes and seek safety in many cases often overseas. Aid charities were first to respond and after an uphill battle to find the how...... In May this year (after 8 weeks of trying) we launched a campaign called the Ukraine Laptop Appeal. We wanted to continue to Make A Difference where we could and follow on from the BBC Give A Laptop campaign to support home learners. 

At that time the first Ukrainian refugees began to arrive in Lincolnshire and with support from East Lindsey District Council, North Kesteven District Council, BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Live, our campaign started gaining momentum. Several social media posts later and pathways were put in place to transport devices to where they were needed. 

For 10 weeks we have worked flat out and with the help of some amazing individuals we have now processed over 450 devices. Whilst a good number have come from our stock, others have been donated along with other vital aid to Ukrainian refugees in Lincolnshire, across the UK and the Ukraine itself. 

We still need your help to keep these devices going to where they are needed. We are a tiny company and we do not have the stock to supply all those in need. These devices are literally saving lives, bridging connections, allowing hospitals and schools to once again open. 
We have had amazing support from some unexpected areas. Some individuals have gone above and beyond to provide support that has been overwhelming. A super lad called Leuan drove across the country to collect our boxes to transport them to Ukraine. A lady called Paula in Scotland is trying hard to help us collect devices and funds. 
Then the negative...... social media is a tool with massive power. With the power comes negative, accusations and keyboard warriors. 
So we have had no funding from anywhere, we are not scammers, there maybe an odd typo (sorry after 17hours working you get a bit tired), we are not based in Africa or any of the other numerous things we have had thrown at us..... we are a tiny firm (the only one we are told) trying to provide IT devices, phones and equipment because we can do it, it is the right thing to do and people need help. 
There seems to be much less support for Ukraine than for UK school children but to us they are one and the same. Our help should not be based on nationality or location.... please help us to help those in need. 
These are lifelines! The tablet allowed Kira to watch cartoons. The laptop allowed Natalia and her son contact with their family. The laptop allowed Oksana and her daughter to contact family.... followed by a graphics tablet and my nephews old tablet allows her daughter to do GCSE Art and Design and to draw on the laptop in digital form. 
The laptops have gone to so many places .... schools, a professor, army, those training troops, charities and so much more. This does not include the individuals that have told me stories and extended thanks from all over the UK and Ukraine....
We are super proud of what we have done amd continue to do. The stories are heart breaking but the devices do give hope and allow people to learn the language, find jobs and much more. 
Our thanks go out to all those who have donated, continue to donate, helped and transported especially Andy and the team whom have allowed us to form connections between Lincolnshire and Ukraine. 
More updates will follow but for now....... Slava Ukraine!! 
Best wishes 
Kells xxx

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