2022 Ukraine Laptop Appeal. Donate unused tech.

Following the success of the BBC Make A Difference - Give A Laptop campaign that we have been involved with we are now attempting to help those arriving in the Lincolnshire and the UK in the same way. On top of this we are also trying to connect them with those in Ukraine by sending machines there. Also check out our blog for updates!

Imagine for a moment.... being in the position that you were forced to flee your home under terrifying conditions with the minimum possessions you can. With safety nowhere in the country you were born, raised and live in, you are left with no option but to move to another country away from family and friends. Often with young kids in tow. 

We cannot imagine the horrors and tragic circumstances some have survived. Some may have no means of contact with others and be totally isolated - especially in areas like Lincolnshire where there is such a large geographical distance between places and there are high levels of isolation. Let alone taking into account language barriers. Human contact is vital for mental health and wellbeing. Contact with friends and family reduces stress and makes us feel better....

Andy Den with Ukraine lady...... sometimes people just need a human connection and technology can help to enable that. This shows how important that connection can be for both good guys like Andy and his team who have seen the horrors first hand trying to help and those who are living under hellish conditions... Permission for photo use given by Andy Den. 

We have joined with other charities, individuals, businesses, government departments and non-profits to do our part. 

Now here is where you come in.... first you can donate.

Secondly.... We need your old, unused and unwanted technology.... we all have an old laptop buried under the bed, in the bottom of the wardrobe or under the sofa. The tablet your kid no longer uses. Or do you work for a firm with a stash of old tech in a cupboard no one dare open!?! Let us help you tidy it out...

We are working with UK Aid for Ukraine led by Andy Den, the WAVE cafe Waddington in association with the Polish School, Lincoln and several others to send vital devices to those that need it most. 

All devices professionally reset or data wiped (Certs of Destruction can be provided).

All are upgraded as needed, repaired and readied for reuse and sent on.

We can help you recover data to another device first if required.

Check out our page on helping a home learner for more info about data safety.

Check you have your data as once it has been through KillDisk Active data erasing it will not be recovered!

Image couresy of Andy Den. 

In the 3 weeks since starting this we have processed around 180 devices that have gone out across the UK and Ukraine. Please help us continue this effort.

These are needed for vital infrastructure, health services, communication and learning just to start with..... 



Kells x 

P.s. find us on Facebook for more info or to follow the story, news and updates.