Tv Repair Services

Let me set the scene for you..... It is a wet day in the middle of April. Your children cannot play outside so you have a brainwave..... Let them play on the WII console with their friends. What harm could they do playing tennis?? The next thing you hear as you are settling down to a nice cup of tea and 5 minutes of peace with your feet up is the resonating sound of a child’s scream as they realise with horror that they forgot to put the strap on supplied with the remote were they so excited...... yep you know the rest of this tale. Remote meets your expensive TV and cracked screen results. You don’t want to claim it off your insurance as accidental damage due to the hike it would cause to your premium but would like to get the TV repaired. WE CAN HELP.

We carry a variety of TV screens in stock. These carry a standard £35 fitting fee plus the cost of the screen and can be done on site while you wait. We will dispose of your old broken screen in accordance with WEEE regulations. We have a hazardous waste producer’s licence that covers us for handling broken screens, TV parts and waste electrical and electronic goods. We ensure that these are disposed of properly and prevent this dangerous waste ending up as landfill! Prices of the screens start from as little as £50 and they come with a 60 day warranty.

Owing to the size and delicate nature of TV screens we will NOT ship these screens. If you wish to fit it yourself then you can collect the screen or arrange your own courier. We will in this case confirm with the courier that the item was intact and working when it left us and at this point our liability ends. Once the item either leaves with the courier or yourself if it ends up smashed it is not down to us. TNT will collect and deliver the screens for around £40 inland. The best way to ensure the safety of your TV is to deliver it yourself and the service will take a maximum of around an hour.

There are a number of things to do in the area to keep you busy whilst we change your screen. Pop to Coningsby and grab a bite to eat at The Cob Shop, Chipmunk's or the Ginger Cow or visit the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. There is also Tattershall Castle that is well worth a visit especially if you have kids with you. It is a rare red brick castle set in picture perfect grounds with the burial place of Tom Thumb in the Church on the site.

When a screen fails it can also damage the sensitive boards that are mounted on the rear of your screen. Or maybe your screen is intact and okay but you are not getting a picture to watch the soaps on a night. Again this could be a board fault. Again we stock thousands of different TV boards. The prices start at £10 per board. These can also be fitted on site. If there are one or more faulty boards along with your broken screen then we will tailor a price for you for the parts you require.

We also supply a large number of TV screens and boards to the others in the trade. All our screens and boards have been tested for a number of hours prior to use by us or resale to public or trade. They have been tested under a variety of conditions to ensure that to the best of our knowledge and ability they are in a working condition.
We also offer a fault diagnosis service for TVs. This carries a charge of £20. This will be credited to you should you chose for us to carry out the relevant repair work. Please refer to our terms and conditions in relation to faulty and broken TVs.