Sivill Service - Our Mission

Our Mission
It is our mission to strive to meet the following statements:

  • We consider that quality, safety & value be the most important factors for all our products.
  • We strive to exceed customer's expectations and serve their needs.
  • We will ensure that every item is fully inspected and tested prior to sale and that every item will be PAT tested (where applicable)
  • Every sale, service or repair will deliver value supported by a high quality after sales service.
  • We will have a focus on continued staff development and training to reach the highest standard of service possible.
  • We will continue to develop, expand and grow as a business
  • We will endeavour to attain the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.
  • We will comply with all legal obligations in relation to our products, services & repairs.
  • We will operate the business with the least possible environmental impact.
  • Where possible we shall recycle to the highest level possible
  • We will dispose of our waste products and packaging in an environmentally friendly manner through recycling and reuse.
  • We will dispose of hazardous waste in the appropriate manner through registered companies capable of dealing with such waste e.g. damaged LCD tubes.
  • We will meet our WEEE obligations and dispose of the waste through an appropriate and environmentally low impact means.
  • We aim to return any item we have for service and/or repair within 7 days (depending on the lay time for parts).
  • We aim to repair items rather than suggest replacements but sometimes this is just not possible.
  • We will ALWAYS give you an honest opinion. We will never sell you products or items that you do not need. 
  • We will listen to you as the customer and put your needs first even if we do not make a sale. You will always be our priority. 
  • Should you have an issue please contact us and we will do our best to resolve issues.