Insurance BER Reports

Increasingly with electrical items in today’s modern world the cost of replacing an item can work out cheaper than having it repaired. When an item sustains damage to cause an electrical product to require replacing then insurance companies will ask that you take your faulty item to a repair centre to have it inspected and a quote for repair carried out. We both carry out repairs for insurance companies and provide reports for when the cheapest and best option is simply to replace the item.

We work with many insurance firms to provide this service to you. The service carries a standard fee of £20 per report for which you shall be supplied with a comprehensive statement and declaration about your item that will state whether it is economically viable to repair and an estimated cost for this. When an item cannot be repaired the report produced is called a BER report. This stands for a beyond economical repair report. It is a sworn signed statement from us a professional business to say what is wrong and why it is not a viable repair.

Our policy for insurance reports includes conditions that are in place to protect you as a customer, your insurance company and ourselves. All items that are presented to us for preparation of an insurance report are to be held by us for a period of 3 months. During this time your insurer will make the decision based on our report as to whether it is or isn’t worth repairing your poorly electrical goods. If they opt for repair then the item will be repaired to the best of our abilities and it shall be returned to you carrying a warranty of 90 days. Please see our terms and conditions of our warranties.

After a period of 3 months the item will be disposed of by us in accordance with current WEEE regulations and guidelines. Any item that we inspect and declare faulty beyond repair will then be classed as WEEE waste. For more information on what this means please check out the WEEE section of our website. WEEE is by its very nature a form of hazardous waste. If you wish for your item to be returned to you after this holding period you will need to present to us a written statement from your insurance company stating that they are happy to accept responsibility for the return to you of hazardous waste and will ensure that it is disposed of, treated and handled with care so as all legal requirements are met. This is because we have a Duty of Care in relation to the faulty item and are legally bound to ensure that it is properly handled.