Covid-19 and Sivill Service



Please help us to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus by ensuring that you read all relevant information in-store and online. 

We ask in-store customers:

  • Please refrain from touching the stock, furniture and keep distance from staff. Everything you touch means we have to sanitise these items between customers and this wastes our times and causes delays to service.
  • Ensure that you abide by the distance markers on the shop floor.
  • If you or any other member of your home has symptoms or has recently returned to the country, please do not visit us. Follow Government and NHS advice to isolate and protect others. 
  • Before you use any stationary, paperwork or our card machine, please use the sanitizer provided. 
  • All items will be sterilised using Isopropanol before we work on them. Please do not take offense to this. We are trying to do our best to protect everyone.
  • To allow for the best social distancing we are only letting one person at a time in. 
  • When waiting for service, please ensure that you abide by the 2m social distancing. Please line up under our canopy. This will give some weather protection. There are 2m markers in our windows and on the footpath to shows safe distance. 
  • Our staff may be wearing masks. Please do not take offense to this. 
  • There is a screen around the counter. Please do not attempt to touch this, reach around it or breach the 2m distancing. This screen protects both customers and staff. 
  • We cannot allow use of our toilet facilities. 

We all have a part to play. Please ensure that you allow us to protect everyone as best as possible.