Asus K501U Laptop. 9 months warranty
Asus K501U Laptop. 9 months warranty
Asus K501U Laptop. 9 months warranty

Asus K501U Laptop. 9 months warranty

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Asus K501U midrange level laptop with charging cable

This entry level laptop is not  Bugatti Veyron fast! It is ideal for homework, internet browsing , home or office use with a steady level of performance. This machine has a mixed colour construction and is unique.  Refubished these are selling online with some retailers at over £290 

We are selling this laptop with 9 months RTB warranty. Buyers will be responsible for return costs. The warranty covers all hardware for a duration of 9 months. We will happily honour our warranty for the duration unlike some sellers who offer little or no warranty! We honestly believe in our products and our outstanding online reviews support this. 


  • 9 month RTB Warranty
  • Ideal for homework
  • 4GB RAM
  • Brand new 250gB Hard Drive - lots of storage space!   
  • Intel i5-6200u Processsor running at 2.3ghz. Quad core processor. 
  • Windows 10

Due to the size, weight and value this laptop will ONLY be shipped by courier giving adequate insurance cover. In the event that you need to return the machine for any reason please ensure that both the laptop and charger are returned together else it will impact upon your refund. Please make sure that you have adeqate insurance cover with the company you return the machine with to cover the value in case of transit damage. 

Please also be aware that the laptop will be fully discharged before shipping to ensure the battery is flat to meet regulations prior to shipping. We offer free local delivery within a 20mile radius.